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Run3 is a powerful real-time game engine that species on first-person shooter games.

Run3 Game Engine is produced and coded by Sgw32, a leader of SGL team.

Run3 combines modern GFX, sound, physics, game developing tools such as map editor.
All technology is runtime, so you don't need to recompile it.

 With Run3 you can create your own FPS-shooter game. You doesn't need to be an experienced programmer to start creating games on it, just use
map-editor, write sequence-file and play!

However, Run3 is not released and you would be able to create games and mods on it after releasing the first game on it!

Run3 will be free for uncommercial purposes and very cheap for paid games.

A powerful combination of game components makes Run3 very comfortable for creating FPS-games ,and cheap for business.

Current version of the engine - 0.8 Alpha

Since v0.8 Run3 supports advanced per-pixel shadow mapping with high-detail textures with such components as specular, normal and ambient

occlusion. Now GFX of engine is almost very good.

RunEdit map editor for Run3 can help you to create your own maps for your games and modding my team's games, Run3 Game Sequences can help

you to put advanced game objects and NPCs on your map and make your map more interesting and exciting.

Run3 Rendering:

 Run3 supports 6 techniques of shadows, 3 of them are standard OGRE shadows.
The first type of shadow-mapping is Run3Shadow:
 Per-pixel lighting with soft shadows with SSAO, normal and specular mapping.
Also, Run3 supports Depth Shadowmapping, and Next-Gen shader, but both of them give a very non-realistic view.

Run3 Physics:

 Newton Game Dynamics, a famous physycs engine. For example, this engine is integrated in "Penumbra" game!

Run3 Sound:

A 3d sound using OpenAL.
Can play up to 16 sounds at one time, my own wrapper for OAL dynamicly loads and unloads sounds.

Run3 Map Editor:

RunEdit, a developing map editor. Now supports only object and light placing.

Advaced game objects:

Run3 supports triggers, doors, change-levels, relays and ingame computers!


Run3 uses Lua, a very popular scripting system. I use it for scenery scripting and computer/weapon/npc programming.
Also, Run3 maps are scripted using XML and configs are scripted in easy Ogre config format.
Lua in Run3 now has many functions in it - you can open/toggle doors, play sounds, turn on/of lights, control NPC.

Artifical Intelligence

Now is in the early state of development. Will support event system and pathfinding, AI relationships and scenes. Now AI supports pathfinding very well.

I want to separate a game engine to commercial and proprietary versions, first for a game development teams, second for modding games on it, but

now I have only commercial game engine for develop first 2 games on it.

Map system

Run3 mapo system is very flexible. You can place many types of objects, including primitives and physycs object, lights, particle systems, billboards, clippings. Run3 provides many types of  environment settings, such as environment light, fog, sounds, sky.
An important part of map system is sequence files.  They conatin nearly full information about gameplay and dynamic events. Using them you can place  NPCs, scripts, triggers, doors and many other types of objects.

Run3 uses:

 Ogre3d as main 3d-engine
 OpenAL as main sound-engine
 Newton Game Dynamics as main physics engine
 AIR3 System as main AI system, AIR3 System is my AI solution for Ogre3D.
 Lua and XML as scripting system
 Theora Video as video system
 DotScene XTended as map loader

Soon to be:

Occlusion Culling
Good-Working AI
A game DLL
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